Christie To Mandate Dune Systems

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Long Branch. April 18, 2013

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Governor Christie discusses shore concerns with local business owners in Long Branch (photo by Phil Gregory)

Governor Chris Christie is vowing to move ahead with beach restoration projects.

Christie met with local business owners in Long Branch to discuss their concerns.

To provide protection from future storms he’ll mandate that dune systems be built along the Jersey Shore even though some beachfront property owners are reluctant to sign easements for the projects.

“Don’t worry about it. We’re going to get it done. I have legal tools at my disposal, which I can use, and I will use all of them. We will build these dunes with their objection or without their objection.”

The governor the biggest complaint from shore residents is that the recovery from Sandy isn’t going as fast as they’d like.

He says it may take a while before homeowners get federal grant money to rebuild and elevate their homes.

“Every time a home needs to be rebuilt, renovated, or elevated, there has to be environmental approvals both from the DEP and the EPA because you’re using federal money. That’s part of what will lead to the delay until July when the money can actually be given out.”

Christie says most shore towns are ready for the summer season, but it will take those with the most devastation longer to come back.



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