Christie: Recovering From Sandy Is A Challenge

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
November 1, 2012

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Sandy Caused Devastation at Jersey Shore (photo courtesy Tim Larsen/Governor's Office)

Governor Christie says Hurricane Sandy was the most powerful and severe storm in the state’s history, and the challenges are bigger than ever before.

The governor says the main priorities now are restoring power, clearing debris from roads, ensuring communities have access to clean water, and having residents contact FEMA for assistance.

 “Once we deal with the immediate post storm aftermath, we start to return the state to some sense of day-to-day normalcy. We need to work on rebuilding.  I want to be clear that this will be the longest phase of our recovery from this storm. I’m confident we can rebuild, that we will rebuild, and we’ll rebuild together.”

Christie says many places at the shore were significantly damaged.

“You know it’s just unbelievable to see, too see the boardwalk in Point Pleasant just gone, to see boardwalks in other small towns just lifted up and throw three or four blocks down away from the ocean. To see two-thirds of the beach eroded and disappeared.”

The governor says the boat rescues of residents who didn’t heed warnings to leave their homes on the barrier islands could have been avoidable.

 “I hope folks in the future when we tell you, you should get off, get out, get someplace safe, that you do that. We’re lucky more people didn’t die as a result of folks ignoring those warnings.”

Christie says FEMA disaster assistance centers will be set up in all counties affected by the hurricane to help residents get cash assistance and assess damage to homes and businesses.

 “You should not be hopeless. You should not feel like you’re alone. If you need temporary assistance to be able to get a place to stay, all those things are things that FEMA can help with for people who have been affected by the storm.”

 People who suffered losses from the hurricane register with FEMA by calling 1-800-621-FEMA or online at


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