Christie Proposes Measures To Reduce Violence

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. April 19, 2013

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Governor Christie details his proposals at Statehouse news conference (photo by Phil Gregory)

Governor Chris Christie is proposing a series of measures to reduce violence.

Christie wants to expand the state’s stringent gun control requirements,

 “First by mandating that mental health records be including in the instant background check process at the time of a firearms purchase as part of the national instant background check system, and by also requiring a valid government issued photograph ID.”

Christie also wants to make it easier to commit potentially dangerous people with mental health problems.

“We need to give those health care professionals and the courts the ability to put people in a psychiatric institution to make sure that they absolutely receive treatment and to get them off the streets before they commit a dangerous act.”

The governor is proposing legislation to require a parent’s consent for a child to purchase a video game with a ‘mature’ or ‘adult only’ rating.

“All that New Jersey wants to require is to say if someone under the age of 18 wants to buy or rent one of these games, they need to have parental or legal guardian consent to do so to make parents even more involved and also educate children on the real effects of these games.”

Christie says it’s hard to quantify what effect his proposals would have.

“Bad people are going to do bad things. Would greater penalties deter people? You hope they do. That’s part of our philosophy of law enforcement in this country, but it's hard for me to sit here today and say if all these things got imposed we’d see an x percentage drop in gun violence in the state. I don’t know.”

The Assembly has already passed a series of gun control laws, and the Senate is considering some other bills.

Christie says he’ll consider any measure that the legislature approves.


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