Christie Not Worried About Sequestration

By Monica Miller, WBGO News
Jersey City. March 4, 2013

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Governor Christie visits a Jersey City health clinic

Worried about what federal budget cuts will do to New Jersey? Governor Chris Christie says he’s not concerned.

New Jersey’s governor says most state residents won't be affected by the $85 billion in automatic budget cuts that went into effect Friday.

 “Unfortunately, the president has overplayed this in a major way and I think you start to see them backing down a little bit. Planes aren’t going to be falling out of the sky.”

Governor Christie says if the federal government can't cut one cent out of one dollar without bringing the economy to its knees, then the government was already in bad shape to begin with.

“The worst thing about sequester in my view is that they’re not spending any time talking about entitlement spending which is where we really need to focus on over the long haul.”

He expressed disappointment with Washington, saying New Jersey had done more fiscally challenging things in shorter time periods.


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