Christie Defends Lottery Contract

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Long Branch. April 18, 2013

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Governor Christie at news conference in Long Branch (photo by Phil Gregory)

Governor Chris Christie is defending his administration’s plans to outsource the management and marketing of the New Jersey Lottery.

Six Democratic Congressmen from New Jersey are asking the U-S Attorney General to review the contract.

They’re concerned the $120 million upfront payment from a joint venture called Northstar New Jersey may create an appearance of corruption.

Christie calls the Democrats' challenge a political hit piece.

“I’m disappointed in them that given the spirit of bipartisanship that I’ve dealt with them on all subjects since October of 2012 that they would engage in that type of naked partisanship.”

Christie says outsourcing those lottery functions is good for the state, and he doesn’t see any problems with the contract.

 “If they don’t increase the revenue, they don’t get anything, and if they don’t increase the revenue to the goals that they set, I can fire them. So it sounded like a real good deal to me.”


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