Christie Campaign Launches TV Ad

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. May 1, 2013

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New Governor Chris Christie’s re-election campaign is spending $1.2 million on its first television ad.

The 60-second ad says New Jersey was broken with high taxes and spending when Christie took office. 

The narrator touts Christie’s bipartisan efforts to get the state back on track.

‘He made us proud to say we’re from New Jersey.’

Montclair State political science professor Brigid Harrison expects Christie will have more money for ads than Democratic gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono.

 “She’s limited into how much she can raise and spend. So therefore she’s going to have to if she’s going to even come close to matching him, she’s going to have to rely on outside interest groups.”

Rider University political science professor Ben Dworkin says a lot depends on the amount of money those outside groups are willing to spend.

“If they’re putting in five, ten million dollars, then it’s going to make a real difference. If they’re just talking about online ads and a couple hundred thousand, it’s not going to be enough to help her.”

Buono’ campaign responded to the ad with an email to supporters asking for contributions.

She doesn’t have a TV commercial yet, but a left-leaning group called One New Jersey has run ads targeting Christie.


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