Christie Administration Demanding Affordable Housing Funds Be Returned To The State

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
May 6, 2013

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The Christie Administration is putting the bite on affordable housing. It has begun seizing over $150 million in subsidized housing money from towns across the state.

Local officials have begun getting letters from the administration demanding that they return funds set aside for affordable housing projects by May 22nd. Adam Gordon is a staff attorney with the advocacy group, Fair Share Housing Center. He says the Christie administration has refused to say what they are doing and why.

“It just shows how this process is a closed door process, that’s not transparent and is missing basic elements of fairness, we really have no idea what they are doing, I think the only unifying principal is that they’re trying to take as much money as possible away from lower income people and people with special needs and transfer it to the state s general fund.”

Gordon says in most cases towns are already in the building process, including numerous projects in Essex County totaling over $2 million so far.


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