Chiesa Has No Regrets About Missed Votes

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Toms River. August 21, 2013

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Senator Jeff Chiesa (photo by Phil Gregory)

New Jersey’s temporary U.S. Senator says he has no regrets about missing votes during his first two months in office.

Jeff Chiesa has missed more votes than any other member of the current Senate since he was appointed by Governor Christie on June 10th to temporarily fill the seat after the death of Frank Lautenberg.

Chiesa says pre-existing family commitments kept him away from Washington.

“The first one was my son’s eighth grade graduation. That was something I was simply not going to miss. We’d also had a long-standing plan for a family getaway in July. I skipped a good part of it, but I stayed for part of it. That was a decision I made. I have no hesitation about it. I’m a father first and a husband.”

As to whether he’ll be there to cast votes for his remaining eight weeks in the Senate.

 “I’m going to do my job.”

Chiesa says he’s focusing on Sandy recovery and human trafficking as key issues during his short Senate stay.

“I made my maiden speech on human trafficking, I’m spending my time focused on that issue because I have four and a half months, and I think if I pick more than one elective issue I’m not going to have meaning in an issue other than Sandy, which I think all of us serving in New Jersey have to make sure we’re doing.”


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