Can Rutgers Recover From Recent Scandal?

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
April 10, 2013

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The recent Rutgers basketball scandal has left many wondering how and even if the school can bounce back…..

Rutgers is not the first major university to be engulfed by scandal. Penn State, Duke, and The University Of Miami have all weathered serious media and public scrutiny following their scandals. Brad Wolverton is a Senior Writer for the Chronicle of Higher Education. He says the way the school responds to the crisis could determine how fast it recovers.

“They took fairly swift action getting rid of the athletic director and general council so other people have sort of fallen out in this scandal as well it appears anyway that initially the university has not just wiped its hands of the mess but really taken some steps to clean it up.”

Wolverton also says any potential financial loss the school may incur as a result of the crisis could be offset by the financial benefits of their recent induction into the big 10.


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