Brutal Cold Forces Homeless To Seek Shelter

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
January 23, 2013

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Newark’s homeless are seeking shelter, now more than ever during this cold snap, forcing some area shelters to capacity.

“This cold, this cold I wasn’t even thinking about eating, just this cold for right now.”

Alberto Pell is one of over 3,000 homeless in Newark, trying to find a warm bed during this brutal cold spell. Damyn Kelly is Executive Director of Newark’s Emergency Services for Families. He says this has been the busiest time of the winter so far for them

“What we’re finding is individuals just can’t take the cold, with the predicted snowstorm that’s coming this weekend we expect to see a lot more people on Thursday and Friday of this week.”

Kelly says when shelters fill up they are often forced to find other options for the cold nights, like hospitals, airports, and even Penn Station.

For more information or help finding shelter call 973-639-2100


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