Biodergadeable Technology Could Be On The Horizon

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
July 16, 2013

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Why throw away that old cell phone, when you can just make it disappear? Researchers are currently working on developing biodegradable technology.

Researchers at The University of Illinois are studying how to build the same technologies we use in our smart phones and laptops out of more environmentally friendly materials that could even dissolve completely in water. Jeff Tittel is director of environmental group the New Jersey Sierra Club. He says this research is an important part of what he calls the green revolution.

“We need to make our phones and our other devices greener if we really want to have an impact on the planet right now it’s a big source of pollution in our landfills and in our environment and so if we can make these cell phones more recyclable and these other devices more greener it’ll actually save a lot of the environment and it’ll actually make the products cheaper in the long run.”

Tittell says some of the research even includes making cell phone batteries out of potatoes, and says nature can provide everything needed to develop technology.


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