Bill Would Move General Election Date

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. June 17, 2013

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Senator Shirley Turner urges approval of the bill at Senate Government Committee hearing (photo by Phil Gregory)

The government committee in the New Jersey Senate has voted along party lines to advance two bills that would change the procedures for filling a vacant U.S Senate seat.

One of the measures sponsored by Senator Shirley Turner would require a temporary Senate appointment to be from the same political party as the person who held the seat.  It would also eliminate the governor’s option to call a special election.

 “It’s costing taxpayers too much money to have all these elections, and it’s putting too much of a burden on the staff as well as on voters. We found that the more elections you have the lower the turnout.”

Republican Senator Sam Thompson is against eliminating the special election option.

 “The governor should have more prerogative because circumstances could arise where there may be a reason that we should fill that seat sooner than up to a year and a half later.”

The other bill that cleared the committee would move the November general election to the same day as the October 16th special Senate election.

Turner is pushing for enactment of the measure even though Governor Christie has indicated he will reject it.

 “I’m going to be asking for bipartisan support to override this veto so that we can really determine who are the true fiscal conservatives, people who are truly interested in saving taxpayers dollars.”


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