Bill Would Cap Salaries At Local Authorities

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. August 14, 2013

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A New Jersey lawmaker is introducing legislation that would cap the salaries of employees at local sewage, utility, and county improvement authorities.

Republican Senator Sam Thompson says his measure would limit the compensation to the $141,000 a year that the governor’s cabinet members are paid.

 “The bill is to put a muzzle and leash on piggish public employees who think they can fill their gaping mouths with the people’s money because no one knows who they are or what they do. A newsflash to them: more and more people are starting to realize that you make excessive incomes and are afforded outlandish perks.”

Thompson’s proposal comes in response to a state audit that showed the executive director of the Middlesex County Improvement Authority gets more than a quarter million dollars in salary and benefits and stands to receive an annual pension of $150,000.

“That’s more than state employees and department heads earn for working full time. Nobody in the state, cabinet officials or governor, gets what he will get upon retirement. That’s wrong and it’s disgusting. It’s time we did something about that.”

Thompson says it’s time for the legislature to end the type of indefensible greed that makes New Jersey one of the most frustrating places to be a taxpayer.


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