Bill Might Bring An End To Beach Badge Sales

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
December 4, 2012

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The days of the beach badge might be numbered at some Jersey Shore towns.

Senate President Steve Sweeney is one of the sponsors of a bill that would require towns that accept state or federal aid to rebuild their beaches to provide free beach access.

Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty says it doesn’t make sense to tie beach replenishment aid to beach badge revenues.

 “I understand the logic but the money from FEMA is only being used to rebuild. It’s not being used to main to maintain or keep the beaches safe and secure for the tourists who come here. The FEMA dollars are not being used to pay for lifeguards.”

Doherty says the three million dollars a year Belmar collects from selling badges is equal to the expense of providing lifeguard protection and beach maintenance.

 He questions where that money would come from if the beach badge fees are eliminated.


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