Assembly Democrats Propose Job Creation Bills

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. December 4, 2012

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Assembly Democratic leadership announces jobs bills at Statehouse news conference (photo by Phil Gregory)

The Democratic leadership in the New Jersey Assembly is pushing for a vote later this month on a package of job creation and economic development bills.

The more than 20 bills include new proposals and some measures that were previously vetoed by Governor Christie.

Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver says a multi-pronged approach is needed to reinvigorate New Jersey’s economy as the state recovers from Hurricane Sandy.

 “We know that everyone wants to dive in headfirst, roll up sleeves, and start rebuilding, but a step that has to happen before that is the legislature and the administration focusing attention on getting New Jerseyans back to work.”

Assembly Budget Committee chairman Vinnie Prieto  says the programs and tax credits the bills would provide will cost about $20 million.

 “It will be sort of a trickle up effect because these individuals that will be getting these jobs can then put that money back into the economy. They buy goods. They spend money. They can buy food for their children, a good education.”

Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald says the bills will help create good paying middle class jobs and increase state revenue.

 “There is not a bill in this package that should not receive bipartisan support, and there is not a bill in this package that the governor should not sign.”

The Democrats are hoping the promise of bipartisan cooperation to rebuild from Sandy will help get the bills enacted.


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