Archdiocese Of Newark Appoints New Superintendant Of Catholic Schools

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
February 15, 2013

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The Archdiocese of Newark is going to be shaking up its catholic schools.

 The archdiocese has appointed Dr. Margaret Dames to be its new superintendant. Dames, who was head of the Bridgeport Connecticut diocese, will be responsible for the transformation of catholic schools in Essex, Hudson, Bergen, and Union. Her task will include the closure and consolidation of its smaller financially struggling schools. Archbishop John Myers says he hopes that this new model for catholic schools will make them more accessible and affordable.

“Essentially we want to make sure that each school which is open is healthy, is fully catholic, and welcomes as many students as possible regardless of their financial ability.”

Myers says he hopes the new school model will help to increase enrollment.  They plan to begin the implementation of the new system by fall 2014.


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