Anti-Violence Rally To Take Place In Newark This Weekend

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
July 18, 2013

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An anti-violence rally will be held in Newark this weekend to spark a community wide call to action.

The rally, organized by community action group Project Re-Direct, hopes to shed light on the epidemic of violence within Newark and the surrounding communities. Sharon Berry, president and CEO of the project says the majorities of minority men are productive and successful, but says that is often times overshadowed by the violent minority that seems to plague the community.

“ We have a lot of people who their situations their problems have not been addressed in a way that can help them, so so many people live in this marginalized benign neglect if you will community, they feel as though they have no other options but to be angry and to devalue life and take lives.”

Berry says they hope the rally will help to promote the message of anti-violence while educating people on the various resources that are available within the community.

The rally will take place this Saturday at the McDonalds located at 915 18th Avenue in Newark.


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