Annual Valentines Day Weddings Performed at Newark Municipal Court

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
February 14, 2013

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Love is in the air in Newark….the municipal court performed their annual mass Valentine’s Day weddings.

“Today’s not only for lover’s it’ll be our anniversary so it’ll be extra special.”

Sasha Barker is just one of over a hundred blushing brides that took part in the city’s Valentine’s Day weddings. Judge Leon Grouer married Barker and her now husband, he says this a day he looks forward to as a judge all year long.

“It’s pure Joy, it’s a lot of couples eager for this day like this young couple I just married, very much in love it just radiates, families happy, it is probably as a judge I think the happiest day each year.”

The happy couples received roses, a wedding day photo, and of course a ceremony.


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