A Group of Newark School Children Learn Some Valuable Life Lessons

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
April 22, 2013

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Learn Do Earn Mentors and Staff

Some Newark School kids got some important life lessons today  from some successful mentors who were once in their shoes.

Evelyn Sikati is an eighth grader who wants to one day own her own dance studio. She says she learned an important lesson about how her facebook page could affect her future plans.

“I learned that when you apply for a job, they’re going to be checking what you do on social media and that could affect how you’re going to get a job.”

Social media responsibility was just one of the many topics discussed in Prudential’s Learn Do Earn forum. It’s part of a yearlong mentoring program that pairs Prudential employees with eighth grade students at Newark’s Community Link School. Regina Golden is the programs Project Manager.

“There was no program like this when I was in eighth grade and had there been a program like this it probably would’ve shaped a lot of the decisions that I’ve made throughout my life, both financially both academically.”

Other issues discussed at the conference include the importance of college education, peer pressure, and even the importance of having a good credit history.


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