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NYC experimenting with weapon detection technology in subway system

Scott Pringle

New York City is experimenting with newer technology that can flag weapons in the subway system.

Through a new pilot program, Mayor Eric Adams says the company Evolv will be placing electromagnetic weapons detection systems at certain subway stations following a 90 day notice period to the public. It's the same technology being used now at Citi Field.

"The beauty of this is that they are mobile. They don't have to be fixed so we can find out if there is an incident where we are seeing a spike in shootings in a certain neighborhoods, we can deploy there."

Mayor Adams says the new technology does not involve the use of facial recognition and will not capture people's identity. Adams is hoping this technology will help bring down subway crime further.

NYPD officers seized 450 weapons in the New York City transit system this year so far. That's on pace to be a lot more than last year.