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Plan to revitalize Chinatown

Storefronts in Manhattan's Chinatown.
Camille Petersen for NPR
Storefronts in Manhattan's Chinatown.

Big changes are being proposed for Chinatown.

What's known as the Chinatown Connections project will add a lot more public space to Chinatown and will redo Park Row to make it more inviting and accessible to pedestrians. The project will also make the area safer. Raymond Sang with the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association says Chinatown is still in recovery stage from COVID.

"and hopefully this project will bring about the change that is needed for our community to finally revitalize, to bring in more tourists, to bring even the people living at home, unwilling to come out."

The city state are dedicating a combined 56 million dollars to revitalize the Lower Manhattan neighborhood. The public will get a chance to weigh in on the redesign soon.