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Push To Get Workers Back In Offices In NYC As COVID Surges

New York's Brooklyn Bridge is one of more than 47,000 bridges identified as "structurally deficient," according to the annual report from the American Road and Transportation Builders Association.

There's a push to get workers back to the office in New York City now despite coronavirus still surging.

Rob Byrnes is the President of East Midtown Partnership. He says office occupancy in his district was increasing in the fall, up to 40 percent, but then Omicron hit and occupancy plummeted to 15 percent in early December. He says remote workers can’t wait until coronavirus numbers fall again to come back to the office.

“In a few months, there might not be much to come back to. I have seen places that depend heavily on the lunch trade, a lot of them start to close up. I have seen a lot of despair in the ones still running.”

Mayor Eric Adams is also calling on workers to come back before the omicron surge dies down.