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de Blasio Proposes Free Year Round Schooling Plan

High school students wear masks inside a classroom.
Laurel Chor for NPR
High school students wear masks inside a classroom.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had strongly hinted at running for New York governor and now he’s advocating for a bold year round free education plan statewide. The mayor’s plan for the state includes universal pre-k and three-k, after school programming and full day summer school.

“Middle class families, working class families. They don’t get some help, their kids are not going to get the education they deserve. Should be year-round for anyone who wants it. It should be all day to the end of the afternoon for any child that wants it. This should be a universal right.”

The plan is expected to cost around five and a half billion dollars annually. The mayor wants to pay for it by raising income taxes on those making over one million dollars. The mayor’s term is up at the end of the year but he says he wants to remain in public office.