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Four Busted In Illegal Weapons Selling Operation In NYC

Guns for sale at a gun show in Naples, Fla.
Guns for sale at a gun show in Naples, Fla.

Four people are in custody including a Manhattan doorman in connection with an illegal gun selling operation. District Attorney Cy Vance accuses Roberto Carmona of selling a large number of illegal weapons on the streets of New York after obtaining them from Tennessee.

“Our country has absolutely failed from a legislative perspective to do what it needs to do to prevent guns like these so easily flowing from other states into New York.”

Carmona is accused of selling 80 weapons to undercover officers over recent months. Three others from Tennessee are charged in connection with supplying the weapons. The gun sales allegedly took place at Carmona’s Morningside Heights home and outside a Midtown building on West 55th Street where he worked as a doorman.