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Street Deaths On The Rise In NYC

Police officers walk near an overturned car in Cambrils on Friday.

The number of street deaths has been on the rise in New York City and is on pace to be the highest of any of the years Mayor de Blasio has been in office.

There have been 124 cyclists, pedestrians and motor vehicle occupants killed on city streets in the first half of the year. Mayor de Blasio is blaming the pandemic.

“The pandemic caused people to feel uncomfortable in mass transit. They got in their cars and in too many cases people were speeding.”

But Cory Epstein with Transportation Alternatives say the numbers were rising before coronavirus hit and says the mayor scaled back street safety measures. He wants to see those safety projects ramp back up. He hopes the next mayor endorses a plan that takes a lot more street space away from vehicles and gives it to pedestrians, cyclists and buses.

“When we create car free spaces, not only do we help improve climate, help improve air quality help improve commute times, but we also reduce traffic violence.”