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NYC Tossing Two Case Rule For School Closures

Kids in a classroom.

New York City is loosening one of the coronavirus related restrictions for schools.

The city is tossing the rule stating that schools must temporarily shut if there are two unrelated coronavirus cases. Mayor de Blasio says he’ll announce a new rule in the coming days but guarantees there will be fewer closures and disruptions. Schools Chancellor Meisha Porter.

“The consistency will do wonders for instruction. Without interruptions due to building closures, teachers will be able to continue to connect deeply with their students and better understand their academic needs.”

The window for all remote students to opt back in to classroom instruction is being extended to Friday.

Meanwhile, New York City has hit a new weekly high with coronavirus vaccinations. The city passed half a million vaccine doses administered last week for the first time. Mayor de Blasio says supply and capacity continue to increase as he encourages New Yorkers to get vaccinated.

"It's a very exciting moment because we can turn the corner. We can outrun these variants but it depends on you."