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Cleaning Effort Being Ramped Up In New York City

Uncollected trash piles around dumpsters.
Uncollected trash piles around dumpsters.

There’s a big effort underway to clean up New York City.

Assemblywoman Latoya Joiner of the Bronx says there are areas in her district that look unrecognizable throughout the pandemic. She’s gotten a lot of complaints but is relieved to hear about the cleanup effort.

“These critical services are deeply needed and deeply welcomed. We saw illegal dumping, overflowing trash bins and many felt left behind and ignored.”

Mayor de Blasio says resources have been tight but says significant funding is being restored. That will mean an additional 100 sanitation trucks. Crews will be resuming Sunday pickups and going after illegal dumpers and cleaning areas that have been trashed.

Meanwhile, Google is helping New York City in the coronavirus vaccination effort. Google is partnering with the City to open a vaccination site at the Fulton Community Center in Chelsea. It will prioritize public housing residents at the Fulton Houses and Chelsea Eliot Houses. Google’s Chief Health Officer Dr. Karen DeSalvo says the facility opening next Wednesday will offer one-thousand vaccinations per week.

“New York of course isn’t just a place where we do business. A lot of our employees, thousands of them call home so we are committed to making sure that New York is safe and doing our part.”

Google is also giving the city one million dollars in an effort to vaccinate vulnerable communities.