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New Report Finds Stark Income and Racial Disparities In Remote Learning Across New Jersey

New Jersey Children's Foundation

The first statewide poll of New Jersey parents this school year finds many families are struggling with remote learning particularly amongst low-income and minority families. 

The survey commissioned by the New Jersey Children’s Foundation finds wide gaps in the educational opportunities afforded to low-income, Black, and Latinx students, as a result of the massive shift to remote learning, including lack of access to learning support programs and internet access. Kyle Rosenkrans is executive director of the Newark-based non-profit.

“In the same vein that the COVID 19 pandemic has exposed inequalities in our economic system, in our health care system, we think the poll is a loud voice from parents, saying that we are experiencing inequality in the way we experience our educational system.”

Rosenkrans says the study finds 52% of parents statewide say they have at least one child that is participating in remote learning only, 45% are in a hybrid model while  11% are fully in person. However, 70% percent of Black parents, 61% of Latinx parents, and 72% of low-income families say that their child is remote learning only, while low-income parents and parents of color are also less likely to report having the option of hybrid learning compared to 76 percent of white parents.