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Baraka Calls On State Legislature To Take Action Following Court Decision Limiting CCRB Powers

Alexandra Hill

Newark Mayor Ras Baraka is denouncing the State Supreme Court’s recent decision limiting the powers of the police Civilian Complaint Review Board or CCRB. Baraka is vowing to fight the court’s decision and is calling on the state legislature to take action.

In a six to one opinion issued last week, the  Court ruled that existing laws limit the subpoena powers of the City’s historic CCRB, reversing in part an earlier appellate court ruling, Baraka says it is not a black or blue issue it is an issue of right and wrong.

“We’re appealing to those officers in these precincts who know that what’s going on is wrong, who applaud what happened to George Floyd, who thinks its disgusting that Jacob Blake was shot seven times in his back with children in the car, who think Ahmaud Arbery should still be alive, we’re appealing to those officers.”

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop is joining Baraka in asking the state legislature to support the creation of a Civilian Review Board for police departments across the state

“We need the Governor and we need the Attorney General to be clear and unequivocal that they want a Civilian community review board, nothing in between is acceptable.”

In a statement James Stewart Jr., President of the local police union says Its hard to believe that the city has lost two court battles over the legality of the CCRB’s subpoena powers and now simply say they want politicians to change the laws in Trenton so they can get their way.