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NYC To Implement COVID Checkpoints As Indoor Venues Remain Shuttered

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 New York authorities are ramping up enforcement of the out of state quarantine rules by doing checkpoints at key city entry areas.  Sheriff Joe Fucito says his members will be at bridges, tunnels and transit hubs to flag down and get information from those coming from the 35 states or territories with high coronavirus transmission rates.

“Compliance with the quarantine is our objective and checkpoints are an effective means of ensuring travelers are on notice.”

Mayor de Blasio admits it’s hard to enforce the 14 day out of state quarantine

“We’re ya know not going to be in everyone’s apartment monitoring them.”

But he adds the checkpoints will be a reminder of the rules

“We gotta be aggressive about getting the word out. We got to make clear to people there are consequences.”

It doesn’t appear certain indoor businesses will be reopening for a while in New York City because of coronavirus concerns. Mayor de Blasio says New York City is not ready for indoor dining, gyms and malls to reopen. He says there is no timeline but imagines they will be reevaluated after Labor Day.

“These are the most sensitive in the equation and we have all worked so hard to get to the point we have one of the lowest infections levels in the United States of America. No one wants to risk that, especially when we are about to see a huge uptick in activity after Labor Day.”

However, the mayor says the city and state should soon look into any exceptions for places that use a filtration system proven to remove coronavirus particles.