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Cuomo Cracks Down on Covid Violations at Bars, Restaurants in NYC

Wikimedia Commons

Governor Cuomo is cracking down on New York City bars and restaurants that aren’t doing their part to stop COVID-19.

Cuomo announced a new policy that will cost establishments big time for not enforcing mask-wearing and social distancing.

“We’re going to enact a 3-strikes and you’re closed,” he said. “Any establishment that receives three violations will be closed for business. Egregious violations can still result in an immediate loss of a liquor license.”

Cuomo said the state has gotten thousands of complaints about this.

"The state itself has looked at over 5,000 establishments in downstate New York and found many cases of a failure to comply," he said. "It's wrong, it's dangerous, it's selfish, it's unacceptable, it's also illegal."