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World Cup Fever Hits Ironbound Again

Brazil Flag
Stephanie Avila for WBGO News

The World Cup is about to enter its quarter final phase. Uruguay lost to France 2-nil. 

Brazil plays Belgium at 2.  Soccer fans are getting excited because to many, soccer is a lifelong tradition.

In the Ironbound section of Newark, Brazilian culture thrives.

A sports fan from the Ironbound says that part of that culture includes an emotional relationship to soccer.

She says that as time goes by, she follows soccer more from a distance because work and other priorities take up her time. But no matter how old she gets, she will always have that Brazilian tradition in her.

While local favorite Portugal was knocked out of the World Cup earlier, Stephanie did catch up with a number of fans supporting Brazil's quest for the cup.

Now that Portugal is out of the World Cup, Brazil has even more support in the Ironbound. Stephanie Avila spoke with residents this week about the big game with Belgium