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NJ Bill Would Prevent Internet Service Providers From Sharing Users' Personal Data

Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker

New Jersey lawmakers are considering legislation that would prevent your internet service provider from sharing your personal information without first getting your written permission.

Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker says it’s a significant issue.

“Not only is our data being sold and used and they’re targeting us for advertisements. But our personal information is used for identity theft so this is a really big thing. This is about our banking. This is about our personal privacy.”

Zwicker says some internet service providers oppose his bill.

“They don’t believe we should have a patchwork among all the different states. I actually agree with that. And if the federal government were to something that would have a uniform policy, that would be fine. But that’s not what we have right now so New Jersey has to act.”

Zwicker says New Jersey needs to act to protect consumers because Congress overturned internet privacy rules last year that were created by the Federal Communications Commission.

Assemblyman Dan Benson is one of the sponsors of the legislation. He believes the state does have the authority to impose the requirements on internet service providers.

“For most of these cases they are going to be based in New Jersey. We’re talking about Comcast, Altice formerly Cablevision, and these companies all have representatives here in New Jersey, and our Attorney General and our Consumer Affairs Division all have the ability to enforce.”