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Grant Geissman’s album “BLOOZ” featured on WBGO’s New Day, New Play January 16-20

Grant Geissman
c/o the artist
Grant Geissman

Guitarist Grant Geissman's "BLOOZ" recording is one of those you get out and put on when you want the world to feel better than just good. A dozen originals here will make everything move in the right direction (see if you can hold still on some of these), featuring an all-star cast, including trumpeter Randy Brecker, saxophonist Tom Scott, Yellowjackets founding member Russ Ferrante on piano and keys, and a blistering duet with fellow guitarist Robben Ford. When the lights are low, you’ll wanna turn 'em up and get into some BLOOZ.

From Monday, Jan. 16 through Friday, Jan. 20, one cut from Geissman’s BLOOZ album will be featured each morning on the New Day, New Play spotlight on my Daybreak show.

Listen to “Carlos En Siete” from BLOOZ, above.

Grant Geissman BLOOZ cover
Cover of Grant Geissman's album "BLOOZ"

In jazz radio, great announcers are distinguished by their ability to convey the spontaneity and passion of the music. Gary Walker is such an announcer, and his enthusiasm for this music greets WBGO listeners every morning. This winner of the 1996 Gavin Magazine Jazz Radio Personality of the Year award has hosted the morning show each weekday from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. And, by his own admission, he's truly having a great time.