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Highlights From the 2020 Winter Jazzfest: Relive the Experience with Our Slideshow

As Sonny Rollins once put it: “Come, Gone.”

The 2020 Winter Jazzfest is now safely in our rearview, but the immersive experience lingers in the mind. WBGO covered a lot of ground this year: broadcasting live from the Bowers & Wilkins Sound Lounge, hosting stages, moderating Winter Jazzfest Talks, and generally taking in as much of the musical abundance as we could manage.

Like many of us, Jonathan Chimene pinballed all over the grid during the fest, not only around Greenwich Village but also in Brooklyn, which successfully extended the footprint of the event this year. The slideshow above features a small sampling of his images, which not only remind us of all the great music we heard, but also (Too soon?) whet the appetite for next year.