• Roy Eldridge: The 'Little Jazz' Centennial

    January 25, 2011. Posted by Simon Rentner.

    Roy Eldridge. (Image Credit: William Gottlieb/The Library of Congress via Flickr)

    Trumpeter Roy Eldridge's legendary sound and bravado dwarfed his 5'6" frame. Known as "Little Jazz," and later just "Jazz," his nicknames befit his devotion (five decades) to the art form. His peers spoke of his soulful style and great competitiveness, not to mention his ridiculous chops. These qualities marked him as one of the greatest trumpet kings of all time; he reigned from the late 1930s and beyond, when many other top trumpeters came into the fold.

    But Eldridge's legend endured. He was an innovator who, for many historians, conveniently bridged the gap between Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie in jazz's evolutionary chain. This may be hyperbole or an oversimplification, but many agree that Eldridge modernized the way to play jazz. And nobody ever discounted the red-hot passion that once crackled from his brass. On Jan. 30, Eldridge would have been 100, so we celebrate The Little Jazz Centennial with some of his fieriest early performances.

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  • Dee Dee at the White House

    January 24, 2011. Posted by Becca Pulliam.

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    "AHHHH! The President said he has my music in his iPod!

    As if that wasn't enough, I met Barbra Streisand!!!!"

  • Oliver Lake Gallery Reception was a hit at WBGO

    January 21, 2011. Posted by Brandy Wood.

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    There was a great turnout on a cold night in Newark's Downtown Arts District, as Oliver Lake fans and WBGO supporters came out in force for the latest WBGO Gallery Reception last night.

    Mr. Lake himself was there, and he delighted the crowd with a performance with two of the members of his group.

    George Wirt from the Montclair Times was in attendance, and took some wonderful photos, which you can see here.

    Tony Graves, who recently exhibited at WBGO, was also in attendance with his camera.

    The next show is going up in March, so stay tuned for more great music, art and more from WBGO!