• The Berklee Greg Osby Sextet, Live at WBGO

    April 26, 2011. Posted by Simon Rentner.

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    Greg Osby, Adam Arruda, Tamir Shmerling, Eitan Kenner, Italo Cunha, Rafael Aguiar, Barclay Moffitt, Thurston Briscoe

    WGBO wraps up Jazz Apprecaition Month with a final studio session featuring the Berklee Greg Osby Sextet. Osby is not only a director of the group but also serves as a member providing instruction on and off the bandstand.  In addition to Osby (director, alto sax), the group features: Barclay Moffitt (tenor sax), Rafael Aguiar (alto sax), Italo Cunha (guitar), Eitan Kenner (piano), Tamir Shmerling (bass) and Adam Arruda (drums).

    Hear the performance:

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  • Morning Cup of Jazz 4/26/11

    April 26, 2011. Posted by Alex Rodriguez.

    Pianist Ethan Iverson of The Bad Plus on The Checkout tonight
    Pianist Ethan Iverson of The Bad Plus

    Today at WBGO:

    - At 6:30, The Checkout features the entire performance of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring by the genre-bending piano trio The Bad Plus, and an interview with the band.

    - On Latino USA at 7:30, Maria Hinojosa examines the unintended consequences of Arizona's controversial anti-immigration bill

    Recent Jazzlinks:

    - WBGO production intern Alex Ariff put together this video recap of Ethan Iverson's solo piano performance at the Institute of Jazz Studies.

    - Jon Wertheim on James Lincoln Collier on Duke Ellington

    - David Hajdu asks, "Why are there no great Easter songs?"

    - The latest episode of Conversations with Allan Wolper features explorer Christine Dennison

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  • 'Treme,' Episode 11: Fourteen Months After

    April 25, 2011. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

    In Treme, Annie (Lucia Micarelli), Sonny (Michiel Huisman), John Boutte and Paul Sanchez perform at the Spotted Cat. (Image Credit: Paul Schiraldi/HBO)

    Season one of Treme opened with the placard "Three Months After"; the season two premiere tells us we're now "Fourteen Months After," in November 2006. If anything, this opening episode establishes that not much has changed in post-Katrina New Orleans — and what has changed isn't necessarily for the better.

    With the slow return of residents comes the faster return of violent crime; the police department has its hands full with it. The return of residents also means that Chief Lambreaux gets kicked out of the bar he's been squatting in; it doesn't mean that Creighton is coming back to the Bernette family. (The young Sofia seems to be assuming her late father's place as YouTube-enabled narrator, Greek chorus and voice of the city's pent-up anger, while Toni Bernette's fight with the city on behalf of musicians is only getting worse.) Ladonna is still trying to operate the bar despite her partner's protestations; her ex, Antoine Batiste, is dealing with an abandoned property his girlfriend's family owned but has no documentation for. And the emergence of investors like Nelson (Jon Seda) portends the arrival of people looking to capitalize on tragedy — even if Nelson himself doesn't turn out to be one of them.

    Of course, music still lives in the city, and this time around we have some new faces and new sounds. To break down the music of the season two premiere, WBGO's Josh Jackson joins me again over email to discuss the songs and live performances. (We'll be doing this every week, like we did last season.)

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