• Jazz Lives in Detroit

    September 4, 2009. Posted by David Tallacksen.

    Whether you're here in Detroit or joining us virtually, it's easier then ever to share your love of live jazz. The Jazz Lives campaign - brainchild of writer and producer Howard Mandel - encourages anyone to share their experience with live jazz. We've got an interview with Howard on WBGO's new show, The Checkout. And follow along  - and join in with your tweets - with the Jazz Lives tweets right here on the blog (find it in the right column).

    And while we're on the Facebook-Twitter-iPhone-web2.0-social media thing, the fine folks at the Detroit Jazz Festival have made it easy to find your way around the 5 stages of music with none other than an iPhone app. It has a complete listing of concerts, maps, directions and more. Find out more about it here.

  • Detroit Architecture at the Detroit Jazz Festival

    September 4, 2009. Posted by David Tallacksen.

    Our introduction to Detroit, travelling from the airport into the heart of the city, was what one might expect: driving past an eight-story tire, talk with our hosts of favorite cars ("I'm a Ford girl..."  "I'm a Pontiac guy, well, I was...") and sports. But as we we neared Downtown, we were taken in by the architecture. The Guardian building, in particular, stands out among several beautiful buildings. And since the building is at the edge of the Detroit Jazz Festival grounds, we walked over for a peek. Check out photos of The Guardian as well as the nearby Penobscot building (where we were treated, thanks to a generous security guard, to rooftop views) below:

    We'll continue posting photos from the Detroit Jazz Festival all weekend long, so follow along with us here at the blog and at our flickr page.

  • Terry Pontremoli, Artistic and Executive Director of the Detroit Jazz Festival

    September 4, 2009. Posted by David Tallacksen.

    The Detroit Jazz Festival this year celebrates its 30th year. As WBGO begins our coverage of the Festival - keep it tuned right here to the blog all Labor Day Weekend, and listen for 5 hours of music on Labor Day beginning at 2pm ET - our own Rhonda Hamilton sat down with Artistic and Executive Director Terry Pontremoli to talk about the challenges of running a completely free jazz festival, and some of the great things to look forward to, including two world premieres.

    Listen to the interview: