• WBGO Live From Montreal: The Very Best of FIJM 2013

    July 2, 2013. Posted by Tim Wilkins.

    WBGO broadcasts live from the Festival International du Jazz de Montreal this week. Wednesday at 2 p.m., Michael Bourne interviews Joel Miller, and Simon Rentner talks with Caravan Palace and Steve Kuhn.

    Their interviews with Jackie TerrassonChris Brubeck, Hilary Kole and Holly Cole, and Remi Bolduc, are all on demand on our blog - and there's much more to come.

    Tune in to WBGO-FM every day this week for the best of this year's FIJM with Benoit Charest, Tia Fuller, Oliver Jones,Charlie Hunter, Chassol, and many others.

    Still hungry? This is Michael's 21st year at the festival, and he's posting daily concert reviews on the blog.

    And WBGO's HD2 channel for new music, the jazz bee, is broadcasting a round-the clock mix of recordings by artists featured at this year's Festival International du Jazz as well.

    Want to discover Quebec's finest jazz men and women? WBGO's Simon Rentner profiles five Montreal jazz standouts for NPR's A Blog Supreme here.

    Enjoy the best of FIJM 2013 with WBGO!

    Charles Lloyd
    Charles Lloyd with Michael Bourne and Simon Rentner

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