• WBGO JAM Live 2014: NYU Latin Jazz Ensemble

    April 8, 2014. Posted by Tim Wilkins.

    The NYU Latin Jazz Ensemble performs live at WBGO to celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month. Click to hear this concert, and check back to hear more groups featured in our student jazz marathon for International Jazz Day on April 30.

    The ensemble, led by trumpeter Michael Rodriguez, is Robby Mack on alto sax, David Banker on trombone, Zach Daniels on vibes, Alex Sugarman on guitar, Nate Furgason on bass and Josh Bailey on drums. A full set list is below.

    NYU Latin Jazz Ensemble
    Live at WBGO 4/7/14

    To The Point - Michael Rodriguez

    soloists: Alex, Zach, Mike, Nate

    Cicero Samba - Nate Furgason

    soloists: Robbie, David, Josh

    Flight To Jordan - Duke Jordan

    soloists: Mike, Robby, David, Zach, Alex, Nate, Josh

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