• Victor Wooten at Montreal Jazz Festival

    June 29, 2010. Posted by David Tallacksen.

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  • FIJM plays on

    June 29, 2010. Posted by Michael Bourne.

    Pizzedelic II -- chevre et noix, goat cheese and walnuts, with extras: black olives, pepperoni, and the spicy saucisse Calabrese.

    Scenes ...

    Maanouche Swing Quintet, gypsy guitars with sax and trumpet, gypsy swing meets bebop, as if Django playing "Nica`s Dream" ...

    Daniel Mille plays accordion like an angel`s breath.  Beautiful.  Intimate.  One thinks of the accordion as loud and, as I said to him, laughable.  "They also laugh at the accordion in France," said Daniel in our interview for WBGO.   (Interview, music, and a photo at wbgo.org/blog ...)

    Chano Dominguez highlighted the Flamenco concerts happening all week at Theatre Nouveau Monde.  Chano plays piano with the speed and grace of a Flamenco guitarist.  Chano`s trio was celebrating Miles Davis -- as is the Montreal festival and the Montreal art museum.  Chano`s newest album revisits Kind of Blue.  I never caught the names, but seated at the side of the stage were, as advertised, "a singer and a dancer."   While the trio played "Freddie Freeloader" pretty much straightahead, the singer and the dancer counterpointed clapping the Flamenco bulerias rhythm.  I never sensed that the moments when they joined in were arranged.  They performed as if feeling a passion.  The singer would chant a high-pitched legato wail that seemed to come from his entire body.  One moment he was singing "Blue in Green" like a siren`s call.   Or he`d only suddenly shout.  The dancer would leap and whirl center stage, his feet stomping rhythms like a drum solo, physically, powerfully, yet also lyrically.   "All Blues" was the finale, and the audience was up and howling.  I immediately headed for the Archimbault tent to buy the album.

    Taj Mahal played the blues at Metropolis, everyone standing and sweating.  "TV Mama."  "Change My Way of Living."  Taj played mostly classics on a growling guitar, but also "Mean Old World" on piano and organ.  I`d never heard him play keyboards before, and he was romping, complete with a climactic glissando.

    -- MB

  • Ibrihim Maalouf at Montreal Jazz Festival

    June 29, 2010. Posted by David Tallacksen.

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