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    January 1, 2013. Posted by Brandy Wood.

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    Last year, there was an initiative asking musicians to sign a love letter to public radio. At WBGO, we became inspired that not only was this a great way of learning what public radio means to musicians, but also to the community it serves.

    We'd like to hear from YOU, our listeners. Please submit your love letters to WBGO below in the comments section, email them to our Marketing Manager or drop us a card to let us know why you love WBGO. Letters received by February 1 will be entered to win a Valentine treat from WBGO, so please don't forget to include a way for us to reach you if you are sending by mail.

    Public Radio Love Letter
    Public Radio Love Letter

    Love Letters can be mailed to:
    WBGO Love Letters
    54 Park Place
    Newark, NJ 07102


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