• Odetta Comment and Painting

    December 11, 2008. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

    Odetta Painting

    Jeff Shlanger, a performance painter, was inspired to comment about our earlier post on Odetta.

    "Odetta at 19 was dressed in scarlet when she sang 'Another Man Done Gone' in New York for the first time at Yugoslav Hall in 1952. Her huge voice,' out of Alabama through classical training in Los Angeles, permanently thrilled and stunned a packed house."

    Jeff also shared the above MusicWitness image with us. It's called 'Hard Times: I Been Living with the Blues,' something he painted while Odetta was digging deep into the spirit of the blues live at the Knitting Factory in 1996. As the artist describes the work, "It features the singer wearing her medallion that says, "I AM." Odetta has always been all about Affirmation."

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