• More Toast: Betty Carter introduces JD Allen 12/31/1994

    December 22, 2010. Posted by Becca Pulliam.


    For over 30 years, WBGO has rung in the New Year with Toast of the Nation. As we gear up for this year's broadcast, Senior Producer Becca Pulliam is digging up some gems from the archives of past shows. Next up, Betty Carter in 1994:

    The show begins and Betty Carter (1929-98) says, Happy New Year! Why do we have to think about all these years? A bittersweet moment to hear it now, as she did not have many more to live.  But on this night, she offers to the time gods a young band of Xavier Davis on piano, Eric Revis on bass, Will Terrell III on drums, and two soloists - Peven Everett on trumpet and John D. Allen on tenor.

    Listening back, I love "You're Mine" from the early set.  JD's tenor solo must have made BC very happy. Listen.

    This New Year's Eve on a Toast of the Nation set from Denver, JD leads his trio with guest Ron Miles on trumpet and a cameo from Henry Butler on piano. Starting at 1:15am ET.

    Click below for some "slices" of our previous toasts:

    Clark Terry

    James Moody

    And tune in to your local NPR station for this year's broadcast!

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