• Montreal Jazz Festival: Day 1 Interviews

    July 1, 2012. Posted by David Tallacksen.

    Our first interview of the day was delta blues and jazz guitarist Kelly Joe Phelps.

    Kelly Joe Phelps

    Bassist Stanley Clarke was honored with an Invitation Series this year - the opportunity to play four nights in groups of his choosing. These include an acoustic evening with jazz pianist Hiromi, a concert with this Harlem String Quartet, a bass extravaganza with SMV aka Clarke, Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten and a final evening with the Stanley Clarke Band.

    Stanley Clarke

    A duo of Canadian vocalists stopped by. Dorothee Berryman is both a stage and screen actress as well as a singer with two releases.

    Dorothee Berryman

    Sonia Johnson won a Juno - the Canadian equivalent of a Grammy - for her album Le Carré de Nos Amours.

    Sonia Johnson

    And bassist Victor Wooten - perhaps best known for his work with Bela Fleck - is playing the Festival with his own group.

    Victor Wooten

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