• Michael Bourne in Montreal - Part One

    June 27, 2008. Posted by Michael Bourne.

    FIJM Photo
    Day One Thursday June 26th
    As if I needed more adrenalin, my plane to Montreal was cancelled. I was bumped to a plane that got me in at 5:30, rush hour with a long drive to the jazzfest, but (since I deserve some extra breaks this year after missing last year with the heart attack) I got to the Hyatt Regency on the Place des Arts just in time to hand off my bags to a porter and meet Marie-Pierre Blais, the very sweet and very efficient wrangler of judges for the General Motors band competition and Galaxie composition competition. It`s my 4th time judging. We only sit through the first 30 minutes, then we`re hustled away, and they arranged our chairs right in front of the bandstand -- so the band plays while seeing judges scribbling on clipboards, and then we walk out en masse. First band was a straightahead quintet from Toronto fronted by drummer Daniel Barnes, playing pretty much generic 50`s-60`s -- but then they got into a good 7/4 Herbie-ish Blue Note groove. First mainstage concert was the first of four duets concerts in the Invitation series of Hank Jones, joined by Montreal`s own piano master Oliver Jones. They played standards and blues, melodically swinging and counterpointing each other so easily that often one could not tell who was playing what. Highlight was a lovely Àmazing Grace, and they spotlighted two tunes of Oscar Peterson. This year`s jazzfest is dedicated to Oscar, who was born in Montreal. An enormous photo of Oscar hangs from the facade of the big hall on the Place des Arts. Hank knew Oscar since Oscar came on the scene in the 40`s. Oliver knew Oscar even before then, when they were both coming up in Montreal. I can never remember whose sister was a piano teacher for both of them. I`ll ask Oliver when he comes on the broadcast next week -- Wed-Fri, 2nd-4th -- FIJM on WBGO ...
    -Michael B

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