April 1, 2008. Posted by Stevan Smith.

    This edition celebrates: Bobbi Humphrey- Blacks and Blues (1973)

    01. Chicago, Damn
    02. Harlem River Drive
    03. Just a Love Child
    04. Blacks and Blues
    05. Jasper Country Man
    06. Baby's Gone

    A true jazz-funk classic, and Humphrey's biggest hit, Blacks and Blues is a lesson in "cool jazz". Composed, produced, and partly arranged by the fantastic Mizell brothers (Larry & Fonce), this is an Lp that trend sends generations. Humphrey is never drowned out by her collaborators. Her performance as flautist (if you didn't know) fits snug in each melodic masterpiece. Bobbi even makes her vocal debut on the tracks, "Just A Love Child" and "Baby's Gone".

    "....Yeah, it's kind of like that".

    Some of my favorite tracks include "Chicago, Damn", "Harlem River Drive", and the title-track "Blacks and Blues".

    Here is an updated version of "Harlem River Drive" (Sorry no embed available). This had to be the late 80's or early 90's. Lol.

    Look what else I found: [display_podcast]

    Though this is not an album that would delight a purist, it is an excellent addition to any jazz collection. The moods are laid-back, soothing, and romantic. This is in heavy rotation on my (insert plug). If you haven't had the opportunity to check this album out. Please do. It is worth every minute (hint...ladies...hint...fellas).

    Perfect soundtrack for the Spring weather....well when it finally gets here.


  • Great Live Moments - Roy Hargrove

    April 1, 2008. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

    In 1996, trumpeter Roy Hargrove could hardly be called The Waco Kid. By this time, the Texas native was a fully-fledged gunslinger in the jazz tradition. Most musicians will tell you that playing a ballad is one of the hardest things to do...especially when you're playing to an audience. But when Roy Hargrove draws from the emotional wellspring, he's tapping a fairly deep reserve.
    Check out his take on the classic "Never Let Me Go," one of my all-time favorite ballads. Twas the week before Christmas, 1996, and Roy's quartet was stirring the house at the old Iridium location, near Lincoln Center. The quartet features pianist Allen Farnham, the late Dennis Irwin on bass, and drummer Karriem Riggins. And for those of you who like to sing the words, follow along:

    Never let me go
    Love me much too much
    If you let me go
    Life will lose its touch
    What would I be without you?
    There's no place for me without you

    Never let me go
    I'd be so lost if you went away
    There'd be a thousand hours in a day without you
    I know

    Because of one caress my world was overturned
    at the very start
    All my bridges burned by my flaming heart
    You'd never leave me would you?
    You couldn't hurt me could you?

    Never let me go
    Never let me go


    March 31, 2008. Posted by Andrew Meyer.

    I want to introduce you to the newest member of our family:

    Diz the Cat

    Say hi to Dizzy (yes, as in that Dizzy!)

    Page and Diz

    My wife and I went to PAWS in Montclair over he weekend to adopt our first cat. Page had found a pair of kittens, brother and sister, online we wanted to meet... she'd even picked out names for them (Louis and Ella). However, when we got there, we discovered that those two had been adopted. We were introduced to some of the other cats, and while many of them were skittish, this tabby took right to Page.

    And she to him.

    It took a little convincing for me (I'm a dog person by nature); Page decided in the last year she really wanted to get a cat. I agreed but pointed out to her that a cat is a gateway drug to a dog - we're still negotiating on that one.

    Even before we got home, we were working on names. Louis wasn't right for this cat. We tried Dexter, Miles, Mose... None of them seemed right.

    Yo Diz

    Then, I said Dizzy, and before Page had a chance to say anything, the cat meowed, and we thought, Dizzy it is.

  • Great Live Moments - James Moody

    March 31, 2008. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

    James Moody

    Welcome to Great Live Moments, a showcase for WBGO's live recordings.
    First up - James Moody, who recently celebrated his 83rd birthday.
    On November 20th, 1982, Moody and his quartet played Sweet Basil.
    The quartet featured pianist Harold Mabern, bassist Rufus Reid, and
    drummer Michael Carvin. WBGO was there to broadcast the performance.
    Moody played flute on a bossa nova classic, Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Wave."
    Hear it now.

  • Ornette Coleman at Town Hall - 3/28/08

    March 30, 2008. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

    My review in two words - great show.
    Here's a photo essay from my "date," photographer John Rogers.
    Ornette Coleman at Town Hall

    Ornette Coleman at Town Hall

    Ornette Coleman at Town Hall

    See more great music photos at John Rogers' Flickr page.