• Happy Birthday, Matt Wilson... Coming To WBGO In 2014!

    September 27, 2013. Posted by Becca Pulliam.

    NEWS FLASH: Coming this winter, PLAYDATE WITH MATT WILSON brings you the drummer's choice of music from WBGO's amazing secret stash.


    In the 1980s, WBGO produced "Big Apple Jazz" live from Sweet Basil, the Jazz Forum and Fat Tuesday's, and uplinked it via the NPR satellite (new technology at the time).

    Next, the "American Jazz Radio Festival" -- hosted by Al Pryor and later, Michael Bourne -- presented bands on stages across the country for TWO hours every week. Yes, two hours.

    Then in 1992, we launched "JazzSet with Branford Marsalis." Branford handed the host mic to Dee Dee Bridgewater in 2001.

    And there is more. We ran marathons. Early on, WBGO became known for live Jazzathon fundraisers and our all-night, coast-to-coast New Year's Eve specials.

    Now the music from 1980-2000, and the great musicians who happily played it for WBGO, will be the source for PLAYDATE WITH MATT WILSON, an eight-week series curated and hosted by Matt (a/k/a M@) with producer Alex Ariff.

    Besides the PLAYDATE radio shows, there will be extra Bright Moments of music on the WBGO blog. Coming in February. Stay connected for more information.

    Funding for PLAYDATE WITH MATT WILSON is coming from the National Endowment for the Arts: Art Works!

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