• The Drive Starts

    September 11, 2008. Posted by Amy Niles.

    In the two years that I have been fortunate enough to be a part of this great WBGO family as an employee, I don't think that I have experienced a more unifying experience as our member drives.Think that you are hearing your favorite announcers often? Yes, they are working 6 days a week. Cephas and I are on the air pitching too. I realized that I will not have a single day away from WBGO until early October. Next weekend, I am on the air two days in a row- you may spend your evening listening to me on the air, go to bed listening to me on the air and wake up at a reasonable hour and I will be back on again. And I am not the only one.

    Our volunteers put in hours too. I have seen the same familiar faces for two years now. All week long.

    And great caterers bringing in food to keep us fueled. I joke that one year I am going to weigh the staff before the drive and afterwards!

    And of course, this is all for you. We do get lots of calls and I have met so many wonderful people when i answer the phones and take pledges- I even met my next door neighbor for the first time when he called to make a pledge ( Hey John!)! We have a very wonderful member who pledges at every drive ( that's you Mike). And by some amazing coincidence, I have taken his call each drive. And of course, Joseph from Randolf...

    Yes, its hard. Gary has been feverishly working to find the very best thank you gifts for you. Vickie and Joanna are working with our partners to find venues with great tickets to give you. Norma is at the ready to ship them all  to you. Fran and Rita and David R are waiting to enter in all of the pledges.  Maria will be in at the crack of dawn to produce Gary's first and exciting shift, so her husband has to start taking Emily to school. Dan has been busy making us laugh with his wacky graphics on the website ( remember the naked Valentine's Day announcers, or the WBGO bus?) Grey is orchestrating this whole process. We all fall into our member drive time roles. For the time being, this is our focus. And all the while, we are playing great music, planning the member event on September 27th, and keep up with all of the other things that we  do.

    Maybe you will listen a little differently now, as you get to know us a little better. Think of all of the people behind the scenes. We are all doing our part to keep WBGO alive. Join us.

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