• Christian Scott Quintet: Live In Concert

    November 17, 2011. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

    Christian Scott. (Image Credit: Kelly Davidson/Berklee College of Music)

    The trumpeter Christian Scott is a rare breed these days: A young musician who has earned mainstream attention for making modern jazz. He's only 28, but he's already put out four albums of original music. He's been cast in feature films, photographed as a fashion plate, called to play with Prince. His quintet has played on late-night talk shows — twice.

    That quintet, the one behind 2010's Yesterday You Said Tomorrow, has recently recorded material for a new album. It would be the next landmark for the New Orleans native, who grew up ingesting his hometown's musical traditions, but has refused to tailor his career arc exclusively within them. To wit, he's known for his distinctive tone — he sometimes employs what's been called "whisper technique" — and for the stylistic fusions of his bands.

    He and his current bandmates, most of them fellow alumni of Berklee College of Music, returned to their alma mater for the premiere installment of The Checkout: Live At Berklee. In a live radio broadcast on WBGO and live online video webcast at NPR Music, the Christian Scott Quintet performed live at Berklee's Cafe 939 on Thursday, Nov. 17. For more information about this series and the full concert archive, visit npr.org/checkoutlive.


    • Christian Scott, trumpet
    • Matthew Stevens, guitar
    • Lawrence Fields, piano
    • Kris Funn, bass
    • Jamire Williams, drums

    Set List

    • "Spy Boy"
    • "Jihad Joe"
    • "Isidora"
    • "After All" (M. Stevens)
    • "K.K.P.D."

    Credits: Josh Jackson, producer and host. David Tallacksen, mix engineer.

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